refillable vapes Mods for Cloud Chasing: Must-Try Setups

Cloud chasing has become a popular phenomenon in the vaping community, drawing enthusiasts who seek to maximize vapor production and perform impressive tricks. For those committed to cloud chasing, selecting the right refillable vapes mod setup is crucial. Here, we explore the top must-try setups for cloud chasers, emphasizing the importance of powerful mods, capable tanks, and the best e-liquids for massive vapor production.

Understanding Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasing involves exhaling dense clouds of vapor, typically achieved through specific types of refillable vapes mods and setups. It requires devices that can provide high wattage and robust airflow combined with low resistance coils. The goal is not just to produce large amounts of vapor but to do so with style and intensity.

Key Components for Cloud Chasing Setups

High-Wattage Mods:

  1. The heart of a cloud chasing setup is a high-wattage mod. These devices can deliver the intense power needed to vaporize e-liquid quickly and in large quantities. Look for mods that can provide at least 100 watts, although many experienced cloud chasers prefer mods with capabilities of 200 watts or more.

Sub-Ohm Tanks and Rebuildable Atomizers:

  1. To achieve the low resistance necessary for massive vapor production, cloud chasers often turn to sub-ohm tanks or rebuildable atomizers (RDAs/RTAs). These allow for custom coil builds with resistance levels below 1 ohm. Rebuildable atomizers offer the advantage of customizing wire type, coil size, and wicking material to fine-tune the vapor output and flavor.

High-VG E-Liquids:

  1. E-liquids with a high ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG) are essential for cloud chasing. VG is denser and produces thicker vapor than PG. Most cloud chasers use e-liquids with at least 70% VG to ensure that they produce large, dense clouds without sacrificing too much on the throat hit or flavor.

Must-Try refillable vapes Mod Setups for Cloud Chasing

The Mechanical Mod Setup:

  1. For purists, mechanical mods provide direct battery output and can handle extremely low resistance builds. When used with a custom-built RDA, mechanical mods can produce immense clouds. However, they require a thorough understanding of Ohm’s Law and battery safety to use safely.

High-Powered Regulated Mod with RDA:

  1. A regulated mod with advanced chipset offers safety features like temperature control and adjustable power settings, which are beneficial for fine-tuning vapor production. Pairing a high-powered regulated mod (200+ watts) with a quality RDA that has a spacious build deck and excellent airflow options makes for a powerful cloud-chasing setup.

Squonk Mod with Bottom-Feeding RDA:

  1. Squonk mods are similar to regular box mods but include an integrated e-liquid bottle that feeds juice directly to the atomizer. A squonk setup is ideal for cloud chasers who prefer RDAs but dislike the constant need to drip manually. This system ensures that the wick remains saturated, providing perfect conditions for cloud production.

Safety Considerations

While chasing clouds, safety should never be compromised. Always ensure that your batteries can handle the high current demanded by low-resistance coils. Use high-quality batteries from reputable brands, and regularly check your equipment for any signs of damage, including the batteries and atomizer insulators.

Final Thoughts

Cloud chasing is not only about the right gear but also about understanding and experience. Experimenting with different setups and adjustments can enhance your cloud production significantly without compromising on safety or flavor. Remember, the best cloud chasing setup is one that suits your preferences and keeps safety at the forefront.

For cloud chasers looking to explore beyond standard vaping setups, these must-try configurations offer a fantastic start into the world of intense vapor production. Dive in, experiment responsibly, and you might just find your perfect cloud chasing setup.

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